As with all companies, our journey has shaped us. Greenleaf started back in 2002 as a food producer and exporter but as our experience, knowledge, expertise and capabilities grew, we evolved.

Today, we can best describe ourselves as ‘an insight, innovation and growth company’.

We help companies embrace a ‘what if’ culture, to dismiss the status quo and strive for a “business beyond boundaries” approach. Our expertise in supply chains, strategic alignment, organisational change, consumer insights and software/engineering solutions helps empower companies to become more agile, build capability and think creatively about their challenges to discover hidden value across their business.

Our Clients: Strength in partnerships

At Greenleaf we work with a wide range of clients in a multitude of industries to create the competitive advantage they need to be a sustainable global competitor. Involved in some of our clients’ most celebrated successes we bring deep insight, functional expertise and a practical approach to help build solutions that unlock hidden value and deliver real results.