Bespoke IT Solution

The Australian pork industry, like other industries, wanted to better engage with its producers through new IT solutions. The APL Tech Toolbox ‘App’ developed by Greenleaf can quickly disseminate key APL research outcomes, best management practice information, and upcoming events to all levels of industry.  The App will also be integral for gaining industry feedback on adoption levels and rates of APL R&D information, and help APL to further target its information delivery systems.

Greenleaf built the Tech Toolbox from the ground up to better meet APL’s specific needs, and to ensure that it would keep up with the latest cutting-edge mobile integration. As a result, the App’s user interface delivers a seamless experience across multiple platforms including: iOS, Android, and Windows.  Through their extensive industry knowledge and to-the-minute IT expertise, Greenleaf eschewed the simpler less effective options in favour of a more complex custom-made solution.  This allowed them to work one-on-one with APL to generate a broader long-term strategy, proving that Greenleaf is more than simply a consultant, but rather a key piece in building the company’s future.  As a result of the App’s success, APL has approved a second phase of development, which will allow Greenleaf to add a much wider range of useful features.