Our people are our competitive advantage. Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills and experience across numerous industries and areas of expertise. We’re thinkers, engineers, strategists, doctors, mathematicians, consultants, programmers, but most importantly we’re listeners, doers and problem solvers. As part of the extended Greanleaf team are a consortium of value adding collaborative partners – many expanding 15 years or more.

As a focussed group, any issue or problem doesn’t stand a chance.

Phil Green: The Conductor

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Phil GreenLinkedin

The Conductor

Navigator of complex value chains
Phil’s passion is people. He helps people navigate the complexities of making the best decisions with the best available data in competitive global networks.

Phil uniquely blends an end-to-end value chain approach with deep data and process analytics. His mission is to challenge the status quo to deliver the best growth. This has led to a strong focus on developing custom digital technologies that support people and companies in driving new value.

Phil and his Greenleaf team are passionate problems solvers with a mandate to turn challenges into growth opportunities. Focused predominantly in agri-business and food industries, Phil has over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing, agribusiness and export market development. He has collaborated with some of the largest global food companies to provide strategy, market development, performance benchmarking and value chain innovation. Greenleaf has developed and patented commercialized industry technologies such as 3D and ultrasound meat grading systems, and a custom software service to optimise decision making.

Phil has held general manager roles with Teys-OSI Foods and Australian food icon KR Castlemaine (previously KR Darling Downs) and was a member of McDonald’s Global Beef Supply Chain Group as general manager of OSI International Foods (Brisbane).

Beth Stretton: Manager: Business Administration

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Beth StrettonLinkedin

Manager: Business Administration

Beth is the Office Manager for Greenleaf. She brings over 25 years of administrative experience in Office Management, HR, and Accounting. She assists in the development and implementation of company policies and procedures; manages and oversees the administration of HR policies and practices; as well as maintaining all accounts payable, receivables and monthly reconciling.

Beth has worked in hospitality, tourism, fashion and insurance industries. She loves to travel and has travelled widely across the USA, Europe and United Kingdom, but has been settled back in Australia for the last 8 years, happily working at Greenleaf for this time.

Ken Bryan: Lead Consultant

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Ken Bryan

Lead Consultant

Ken has extensive experience with financial and operational agribusiness analysis. He has the ability to rapidly understand complex problems to assist our clients in making the best business decisions.

Ken’s background has focused on developing an understanding of the red meat value chain since graduating from an Animal Science degree in 2010. He has completed extension and consultancy projects spanning all sectors of red meat production and processing.

Ken is currently completing a Masters of Philosophy to understand the economic implications of disease to the Australian feedlot value chain. Demonstrating his capacity in economic and statistical analysis.

Stephen Carter: Director: Software Solutions

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Stephen Carter

Director: Software Solutions

Stephen is the Software Solutions Director at Greenleaf and brings 30+ years of software development and technical project management experience across transport, utilities, emergency services and private business sectors. He started his IT career in the late 80’s developing insurance applications in Pascal and since then has ridden the crest of numerous technological tsunamis, from the birth of the internet in the early 90’s, through the introduction of mobile phones and more recently the world of mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens.

He works with the software team predominately developing backend code and manages the cloud infrastructure and DevOps configurations, keeping Optio performing at its best.

In his spare time Stephen is an avid inline skater, kite boarder, bass player, cook and instructs Rhee Tae Kwon-Do classes.

Hannah Castle: Management Consultant / Client Product Manager

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Hannah Castle

Management Consultant / Client Product Manager

Hannah holds an extensive background in agricultural supply chains and international sales and marketing. She joined the Greenleaf team in 2019 after spending several years in executive leadership within a multi-national grain processing export business, bringing a passion for supply chain optimisation and collaborative working relationships. She knows all too well the challenges faced in the day-to-day commercial environment and uses a strategic risk management approach to assist clients in developing long term business solutions that enhance daily decision making.

Her passion for the agricultural industry stems from many long school and university holiday hours spent in the family business helping with livestock management, table grape production and contract pasture seed harvesting. Combined with her dual degrees in Agribusiness and Applied Science (Integrated Resource Management), Hannah has developed an advanced understanding of market environments and operational constraints. She is excited to tackle the future challenges our industries face by embracing new technology and supporting agtech innovation.

Greg Harmer: Lead Consultant: Project Services

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Greg Harmer

Lead Consultant: Project Services

Greg has worked in food manufacturing industry for the last 17 years in roles that range from shop floor experience to advising senior executives. He is a qualified CPA who utilises his backgrounds in information technology and business to get to the heart of business problems to provide practical solutions.

One of his key skills is taking detailed information and translating it into simple summaries that enable business leaders to take action within their business.

His main interest is in creating simple and technologically savvy solutions that enable leaders to make accurate, timely and repeatable business decisions that contribute additional value to the whole supply chain and the communities that these businesses support.

Laura Grubb: Lead Consultant: Project Services

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Laura Grubb

Lead Consultant: Project Services

Laura has extensive experience across numerous sectors of the red meat value chain. She is acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities facing primary producers and how collaborative relationships along the value chain are essential for true value realisation. With significant experience in primary processing, Laura has a deep understanding of the commercial drivers of industry as well as the potential for strategic innovation for a truly sustainable industry that entices the customer back time and time again.

With an academic background in Animal & Meat Science, as well as currently undertaking a Master of International Development, Laura is well equipped to rapidly understand complex problems and distil and devise practical step by step solutions to assist you in achieving your goals.

James Anthony: Full Stack Developer: Software Solutions

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James Anthony

Full Stack Developer: Software Solutions

James works as part of the software team primarily on the frontend user UI/UX and integrations with our backend systems. He came to Greenleaf with experience in software development spanning over 10 years within various areas of the insurance industry, niche businesses and not-for-profit sectors.

Outside of the digital world, James is an obsessive climber and spends most weekends scaring himself on the side of a cliff or trying to convince others to do the same.

Richard McConnell: Senior Developer: Software Solutions

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Richard McConnell

Senior Developer: Software Solutions

Richard has been a software engineer for over 30 years, focusing predominantly on the frontend user experience, having previously worked in the accounting, insurance and SAAS sectors.

He and his family emigrated to the Gold Coast from the UK in 2015, and they like to enjoy the local beaches in their spare time.

Edie Cheng: UX/UI Designer: Project Services

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Edie Cheng

UX/UI Designer: Project Services

Edie is the UX/UI designer at Greenleaf. She has a background in software engineering and has extensive experience across website development, marketing, and manufacturing. She works with the consultant team to bring the ideas and innovation into vivid visualisation and workable prototypes. She also helps with branding, market research, graphic design and crafting powerful, persuasive slides.

Edie is also a coffee addict, an incurable cat lover, and a lifetime Thai food enthusiast. She has a wide range of interests in mobile phone repairing, remedial massage, Reiki, hiking, and Asian cuisine.