Our people are our competitive advantage. Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills and experience across numerous industries and areas of expertise. We’re thinkers, engineers, strategists, doctors, mathematicians, consultants, programmers, but most importantly we’re listeners, doers and problem solvers. As part of the extended Greanleaf team are a consortium of value adding collaborative partners – many expanding 15 years or more.

As a focussed group, any issue or problem doesn’t stand a chance.

Phil Green: The Conductor

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Phil GreenLinkedin

The Conductor

Leading the Greenleaf team is company founder Phil Green. Like a maestro conducting an orchestra, Phil’s most notable strength is in creatively weaving insights into a rich fabric of solutions for every organisation. The team at Greenleaf is living proof of his approach, “Business beyond Boundaries”, and just like the complexity of creating music, Phil is able to utilise the best of each team member to empower our clients to optimise their capability.

With over 25 years’ experience in Manufacturing and Agribusiness, Phil is a trusted and valuable industry source. Highly skilled in supply chain management, performance benchmarking, negotiation, business planning, operations management, strategic planning, and business development, Phil can help you turn your challenges into opportunities into growth.

Phil has held General Manager roles in a number of green-field companies including the commissioning and development of Teys-OSI Foods and well established Australian food icons including KR Darling Downs (General Manager – Sales & Marketing).  At KR, Phil was part of a new executive team responsible for rescuing the financially troubled company from significant losses to a profit in 15 months and commercial sale within 18 months.  He was a member of McDonald’s Global Beef Supply Chain Group during his time as General Manager – OSI International Foods (Brisbane).

Phil has lead Greenleaf in the development of their own export food brand and collaborative supply chain. Greenleaf has established vertically integrated supply chain partnerships for other companies including some of the largest retailers in Asia. Consultation with governments to develop agricultural industries has included economic modelling and decision support tools that identify opportunities and facilitate capability development.

As an advisor to company boards and management teams, Phil provides strategic input, performance benchmarking and business cost analysis to enhance P & L performance and supply chain value.  As a consultant, Phil has been involved with some of the largest food companies in the world.

Beth Stretton: The Glue

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Beth StrettonLinkedin

The Glue

Every high-performing team needs a cohesive force to ensure their core functions are operating smoothly. As our Administration Manager and one of the company’s foundation members, Beth is the Greenleaf glue, helping us to account for every aspect from Contracts Management to Project Management. In a role that is largely reactive by nature, Beth’s ability to be proactive, combined with her steadfast composure, makes her a highly-valued member of the team.

We also love her because she keeps us nourished with sweet treats!

Michael Leung: The Geek

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Michael Leung

The Geek

Every relevant company these days needs one, and Michael Leung is ours. A software programmer with 15 years’ hands on experience.  Modifying video games from the ripe old age of 10, a geek to the core, Michael has a profusion of experience on both the national and international IT stage. Michael is the brains behind the design, installation, testing and maintenance of a complex portfolio of software applications.  A Masters graduate, Michael’s passion lies in mobile and web application development.

Geek is the new chic!