Making more with meat!

The MLA Donor Company partnered with ProForm Gourmet Pty Ltd to develop a proprietary, high-moisture cooking process that turns under-utilised, low-value trim into fully cooked products. Each year in Australia, up to 50,000 tonnes of beef is left on the bone during processing and then rendered. This meat could be extracted and put through the proprietary ProForm High Moisture Cooking (PHMC) process to produce cooked meat products for local and export markets. This new optimisation would finally allow beef and lamb processors to compete with poultry, pork, and non-meat products, paving the way toward completely new businesses and business models.  Greenleaf’s innovative approach to technology and R&D lead to the conclusion that the additional value created by PHMC, including more efficient carcase utilisation and lower energy consumption, would ripple throughout the supply chain.  The project is now in its second stage, with Proform Gourmet Pty Ltd commissioning a $10 million commercial demonstration plant in Sydney, NSW. It will produce up to 3,000 tonnes of PHMC product a year that can be used to further explore potential market opportunities.