Supply side opportunities

Through the Sheep Flagship Project, Greenleaf identified compelling opportunities and capacity for growth in the WA sheep industry, specifically for export markets, as a sustainable global competitor. The production capacity along the entire supply chain was asessed in order to measure industry capacity for growth. This information allowed for the development of strategic supply chain options and the evaluation of the cost, reliability and feasibility of these options.

Greenleaf’s approach involved a progressive, iterative process attempting to align the demand and supply sides of the chain for value optimisation. It considered the capabilities required to realise value opportunities along the chain and to find a sustainable equilibrium through demand and supply side pressures. This also took into consideration the barriers to adoption. Progressive development of capability within sections of the value chain assists with alignment and allows for further support of value chain growth.

Options were developed in conjuction with the Producers of WA through industry assessments done by Gattorna Alignment. Insights were needed into the willingness and capability of producers to increase flock size, and to make long-term commitments to these levels. The information from this supply chain modelling in conjunction with the Gattorna Alignment assessments were used to select the options most suitable to support sustainable growth for each sector within the industry. Greenleaf discovered that the potential gains for the industry are massive – with the financial benefit alone being in excess of $300 million.