Mapping supply chain value across the WA beef industry

Greenleaf analysed the intricacies of the underperforming West Australian (W.A.) beef industry, and identified a surplus of un-tapped profit.   W.A. boxed beef exports account for only 30% of their total sales.  Greenleaf was able to take this information, and zoom out to uncover a long-term strategic plan for increasing W.A. beef’s global footprint.  As a result, advice and analyses derived from this study could broadly improve the W.A beef industry’s standing on the world stage.  Through complex economic modelling, supply chain analysis and an in-depth study of current industry resources and infrastructure, Greenleaf revealed the possibility of a more than threefold increase in profitability for W.A. beef.  These results exemplify Greenleaf’s ability to discover uniquely exploitable market dynamics that ultimately lead to increased industry value.